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The Compact Projector 3.0 | Hand Sized Portable Projector


Are you looking for something a little bit extra?
Bigger screening size? Better viewing capability? Better Atmosphere?

Then the Compact Projector 3.0 is for you!

We have just added our CP 3.0 to come and stay at home with you.
Having your very own cinema experience is about creating a welcoming, warm atmosphere. Watching all of your favourite shows & movies with-out damaging your eyesight like TV's do. 

7000 LUMEN HIGH BRIGHTNESS PROJECTOR – Lowest price, highest Lumens! 176 INCHES.

Our Compact Projector 3.0 is a Smart LED Projector, perfect for home education, work meetings, slide shows, and home entertainment, the compact projector weighs in about 0.7kg packed with an abundance of specs and features, Screening up to 176inchs with keystone corrections from a 2-5m distance with a manual focus lens to alter viewings. Coming up fast along side our other projectors with built in speakers, wireless settings, portability, and mobile phone compatible it also has inputs such as, Audio (headphones) HD, TF card slot, USB and HDMI.

Transform your room into a mini home theatre without disrupting a single family member or neighbour!

Your Compact Projector 3.0 has a Ultra low noise dual turbo fan and multiple cooling systems to ensure it works safely and never over heats.

Other features include:
12 month warranty
30000 hour lamp life
23 languages upon installation
LED lamp


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