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The Compact Projector | Hand Sized Portable Projector


You've seen Projector's before - but you've NEVER SEEN THIS.

I'm a little like a Phone, sort of like a Laptop. A little like a TV. I like to play music. I can also Google. I am extremely portable. I obtain a lot of light I am 5x5cms. I pair with the previous mentioned products.. But I am not any of these things. So what am I?
Alexa...? Google...? **Loading**

I'm a Bluetooth / Wifi connecting 150" Projector.
You can screen me to the ROOF or WALL. 
I'm 5x5cm big, making me the tiniest Projector AUS WIDE.
I'm touch panel operated and come with a remote control, Tripod and HDMI.
I have Google, Google play, Netflix, Facebook, Youtube & A app store installed. 
I'm 100% rechargeable wireless and portable so I can go anywhere.
I have 200 ANSI LUMENS - Meaning I can match DAYLIGHT.
I pair with Iphone, Android, Laptop, Speakers and sound. Hotspots included. 
I have a HDMI, USB and headphone outlet - or you can use ear pods to my bluetooth. 
Better yet, I have Keystone corrections, so you can play me at any angle and I'll do the correcting to suit your viewing and if you need more focus? Hey just touch the side and do it manually!

I am THE MOST Compact Projector.


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